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Seakeeper is the world leader in active stabilization for the marine industry Now available for boats 30’ and above

Eliminates 70-90% of uncomfortable and dangerous boat roll

Patented bearing, vacuum and cooling technology

Simple installation, quiet operation, and low power consumption

Proven performance and reliability with over 2400 units in operation

Stabilize your horizons and change
your yachting experience forever

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Fish Harder, Fish Longer,
Even in the roughest conditions

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Gain the ultimate advantage
by minimizing vessel roll and
maximizing operating profits

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The power to tame the sea

This was our mission when we founded Seakeeper in 2002 — to create gyro stabilization technology so effective that it would forever transform boating. By reducing boat roll, we knew we could make time spent on the water much safer and vastly more enjoyable.

Since the introduction of the first Seakeeper, we’ve seen and heard thousands of times how Seakeeper has changed people’s lives: the astonishment, excitement, relief, and joy they exude when the gyro turns on and the boat settles is magical. We feel lucky to be involved in this transformation. The opportunity to change a fundamental human experience does not come along every day.


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Gyro Facts

What is a Seakeeper and what does it do?

It is a computer controlled gyroscope that eliminates most boat roll, including the fatigue, anxiety and seasickness that goes with it.  Because of this game changing effect, the world's top boat builders are now installing Seakeeper, and since 2008 we have shipped over 2400 units.  

How much does the Seakeeper weigh, and what are power and space requirements?

Typically, the Seakeeper weighs between 2 and 4% of boat weight, requires half or less the power of air conditioning, and fits in available space down in the after part of the hull.  Nothing extends outside the hull and the Seakeeper is a small percentage of the overall volume of the boat. 

Is there a Seakeeper suitable for my boat and what will it cost to buy one?

Seakeepers are suitable for most boats 30 feet and above. If you are buying a new boat, and the Seakeeper is not already standard, consult the builder’s option list for pricing. These option prices will typically include the cost of handling and installation.  If Seakeeper is not offered on the new boat you are buying, or, if you already own a boat, the MSRP is as follows:

Up to 20 tons, vessels 30-50': Seakeeper 5 -  $29,900
Up to 35 tons, vessels 50-65': Seakeeper 9 -  $66,900
Up to 70 tons, vessels 65-80' : Seakeeper 16- $89,900
Up to 100 tons, vessels 80-100': Seakeeper 26 - $147,900
Greater than 100 tons, vessels >100': Seakeeper 35 - $197,900

I have an existing boat, can a Seakeeper be installed after build?  If so, what will it cost and how

Yes, approximately 25% of the units we ship are installed aftermarket. The time and price of a retrofit installation will vary, with easier (and smaller) retrofit installations as little as $5,000 and larger and more complex to $35,000 or more.  Typical retrofit installation timeline is 1-3 weeks. 

How to Buy

If you are buying a new boat, please consult directly with the builder. If you already own a boat and are interested in a retrofit, please contact Seakeeper direct or consult with one of our Global Partners.

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Gyro Facts