After six years of research on gyro stabilization we have been able to accurately simulate and size our gyros for various marine applications. Seakeeper sizes applications to reduce resonant roll at-anchor or zero speed by a minimum of 60%. Roll reduction underway is of similar magnitude for displacement hulls but the percentage reduction can be less for planing hulls since they are inherently more stable in roll as speed increases.

There is no "one size fits all" as each project is unique and sized according to the specific nature of the vessel, its intended method of use and expected sea conditions. For example, an offshore sport fishing vessel of a given displacement and transverse metacentric height will require more angular momentum than a yacht with similar characteristics that only needs stabilization at anchor in protected waters. It is recommended that you fill out the Seakeeper sizing inquiry on our website or contact your local Seakeeper dealer for the recommendation on your specific project. We can provide detailed sizing calculations for naval architects as needed.

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Hull Type: Planing Displacement Semi-Displacement Round Bilge Sailboat
Hull Construction: GRP Steel Aluminum Wood
Vessel Usage: Offshore cruising and fishing in exposed seas
Anchoring, drifing in light seas near the coast line

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