We’ve invested years of research into developing a superb product and firmly believe that the best way to support it is with top-notch service and a comprehensive warranty. That’s why all of Seakeeper’s recreational products come with a two year, 2,000 hour complete system warranty.

Seakeeper’s Full Recreational Line Warranty Policy

We understand that the demands placed on our recreational and HD lines differ. The extended hours and higher load of military and commercial operations require an extended care package. Our HD line comes with a four year, 4,000 hour warranty on major components within the Seakeeper’s sphere. All other components are covered by a two year, 2,000 hour warranty.

Seakeeper’s Full HD Line Warranty Policy

Full Terms and Conditions for all Seakeeper Products

Warranty Registration

To ensure peace of mind, all Seakeeper products come with a multi-year factory warranty. If you have not activated your warranty, please complete and submit a Warranty Registration Form.


Extended Warranty Coverage

Time on the water should be your time to relax. Our extended warranty program provides you with added peace of mind and reliable service beyond the duration of your standard factory warranty. Extended warranty coverage is available for customers currently within their factory warranty period. Coverage extensions for our recreational and HD lines are listed below.

Recreational Line Extended Warranty
Extends coverage 1 year / 1,000 hours for total coverage of 3 years / 3,000 hours

HD Line Extended Warranty
Extends coverage 1 year / 2,000 hours on major components within sphere and 3 years / 4,000 hours on all other components for total coverage of 5 years / 6,000 hours

Please contact a member of our service team (+1-410-326-1590) directly to purchase extended warranty coverage or for additional assistance.


Warranty Service Network

Seakeeper has a network of Certified Service and Installation Centers that spans the entire globe. With so many locations throughout the world, help is never far away. Find your local Certified Service and Installation Center today!

We know that problems can arise at any time of day or night. That’s why we created our 24-7 service hotline to connect you directly with one of our expert service supervisors, no matter your location or the time of day (or night). No waiting on hold. No wading through automated menus. Whenever or wherever you may be the next time trouble strikes, dial +1-240-718-6440 to speak with one of our service managers.