Seakeeper vs. Fins

When it comes to stabilizing your boat, we know you have options. So why should you choose Seakeeper over fin stabilizers?


Fin stabilizers are external appendages affixed to the hull of a vessel below the waterline. They utilize either the movement of the water, or move themselves, to create a force opposite that of the waves. If a wave pushes the boat to starboard, the fin stabilizer pushes back with a force to prevent the boat from rolling.


Underway fins can only work to stabilize the boat while it’s underway, utilizing the movement of the water over the fins underwater. More modern fin systems can change position, angling to respond to the boat’s movement and/or water movement. These “zero-speed” fins can move on their own so they can be used while the boat is at rest.


Seakeeper is a completely internal, computer-controlled gyroscope that can eliminate up to 95% of boat roll on vessels as small as 23’ and larger than 200’. Inside a vacuum encapsulation, a flywheel spins at speeds of up to 9,750 rpm. When the boat rolls, the sphere tilts fore and aft (precesses), producing a powerful gyroscopic torque to port and starboard that counteracts the boat roll.


Seakepeer completely distinguishes itself from fin stabilizers in these aspects:

  1. Zero-speed fins require short bursts of power that far exceed the stored energy requirements of Seakeeper’s spinning flywheel. In other words, fins don’t have the ability to exert a constant roll-reducing torque throughout the vessels entire natural roll period, which can cause the boat to jerk.

  2. Fins create drag, reducing both speed and efficiency, thus ruling them out for high-speed boats.

  3. Seakeeper is completely internal with no underwater hull penetrations, unlike fin stabilizers. External fins create a hazard as that can easily hit or snag common underwater features or debris.

  4. Stabilizing fins are typically only available for boats greater than 40 or 50 feet (12 or 15 meters), so they leave out the majority of boats on the water today.


On a recent sea trial, we compared the performance of a Seakeeper 18 and a fin system on a Sunseeker 75 Sport Yacht. Testing each separately in the same sea conditions, we found that the Seakeeper offered 88% roll elimination, while the fin system only offered 65%. Need we say more?


When you’re buying a boat, or choosing to refit your current boat, you could research for days about everything on board. Between the boat itself, the electronics, power, and other additional options, it can be overwhelming! But when you’re looking for stabilization, the choice is simple, and more than 25,000 Seakeeper Owners can agree! Choosing a Seakeeper over fin stabilizers makes for the most comfortable, efficient boat you’ll ever own.

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