Love your Seakeeper? So do we! In fact, so much so, that we will take it back. Should you desire additional performance or simply be looking to a new unit for peace of mind, we have you covered. Trade in your existing Seakeeper and upgrade to our latest and greatest model offering.

Seakeeper 2
Seakeeper 3
Seakeeper 6
Seakeeper 9
Seakeeper 16
Seakeeper 26
Seakeeper 35
Seakeeper 7 HD
Seakeeper 12 HD
Seakeeper 20 HD
Seakeeper 30 HD

Let's talk savings

$0original price for new model

*Shown price is for Seakeeper unit only. Does not include freight, accessories, or installation fees.

No Hassle Installation

Worried about the cost and time involved in modifying existing structure for a new Seakeeper model? Don’t worry, Seakeeper has kits available to adapt existing structure to new Seakeeper models.

Peace of Mind

All trade-in models come with a new two-year warranty, as well as the devoted support of our global network.


Seakeeper is thankful for the 4,000+ loyal customers that have shared our vision and helped make Seakeeper a success. Seakeeper is forever changing boating and we thank you for sharing in this journey.

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