Certified Seakeeper
Remanufactured Units

We test and certify all Seakeeper remanufactured
products and include a 1 year warranty.

Seakeeper Remanufactured Inventory

Currently there aren't any remanufactured Seakeeper units available. Contact us to see what may be in the pipeline.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What is a Seakeeper remanufactured unit?

Most remanufactured units are pre-owned and come available through our unique trade-in program. Once returned, each unit is fully rebuilt and undergoes rigorous testing before being offered back to the marketplace.

What is new in a remanufactured unit?

Each remanufactured unit comes equipped with new bearings, brake system, and cooling system, as well as updated electrical components.

How can I be sure a remanufactured unit will have the same performance as a new Seakeeper unit?

After rebuild, each unit undergoes factory acceptance testing (FAT), which includes testing on our tilt tables that simulate Seakeeper operation on the water.

Is there a visual difference between remanufactured and new Seakeeper units?

Once testing is complete and the unit passes all criteria, the unit is cleaned, painted, and ready for shipment. Some blemished and scratches on the exterior are possible, but nothing that will hinder the performance of the Seakeeper

What is the warranty on a remanufactured unit?

The warranty on remanufactured units is 1 year/1,000 hours.

What is the availability of remanufactured units?

Remanufactured availability is extremely limited and often sell out quicky. Please see live inventory and contact Seakeeper directly or one of our Global Partners for availability.

150 Point Inspection

All remanufactured Seakeepers go through our rigorous 150 point inspection by our factory certified technicians and engineers.

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