Seakeeper 4.5

Packing even more punch, the Seakeeper 4.5  eliminates roll on boats ~40-46 feet in a smaller, lighter package. It delivers 50% more stabilizing power than the Seakeeper 3 and runs on AC power for boats equipped with a generator. 

The next generation of Seakeeper innovations introduces the most efficient and most effective gyrostabilizers ever built.

More stabilization. Smaller Package.

Ideal for Boats

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Asymmetric Flywheel

An all-new flywheel design features a deeper lower hemisphere, enabling the motor to be tucked inside the flywheel. This design reduces overall height and provides the most efficient flywheel shape to maximize performance per pound and footprint.

ConnectBox Integration

The ConnectBox integrates with compatible on-board MFDs, eliminating the need to install an additional display for the Seakeeper. The ConnectBox keypad also allows the operator to control the Seakeeper directly from the unit.

Single Cylinder Brake Arm

The single-cylinder brake design saves space, weight, and enhances reliability by eliminating hoses and connections. It requires no annual service and incorporates redundant safety mechanisms.

Power Options

With the choice of DC or AC power on the Seakeeper 4 and Seakeeper 4.5 models respectively, everyone can enjoy the latest innovations – generator or not.

Asymmetric Flywheel


Single-Cylinder Brake

Power Options

Faster Installation

The new frame can be disassembled to allow for installation in locations where it otherwise may not have fit.

Economical Maintenance

Zinc-nickel plated components, a single-cylinder brake design, and a redesigned cooling system provide better protection and easier maintenance.

Easier Access

Fewer mounting bolts, greater access clearances, and quick-release top cover fasteners make service faster and easier.

Seakeeper 4.5


Max Rated Speed 9,300 RPM
Angular Momentum at Max Rated RPM 4,500 N-M-S
Max Anti-rolling Torque at Max Rated RPM 11,780 N-m
Spool-up Time to Max Rated RPM 35 minutes (9,300 RPM)
Spool-up Time to Stabilization 19 minutes (6,975 RPM)
Power Consumption
Spool-Up Power 1,950 Watts Max
Operating Power 950 – 1,600 Watts
Operating Power Input 208-230 VAC @ 20 Amps, 50/60 Hz
110 VAC @ 30 Amps (50/60 Hz)
Control Power 120 Watts Max
Control Power Input 12 VDC @ 15 Amps Max
Seawater Pump Power Input 12 VDC @ 15 Amps Max
Weight 736 lb ( 333.8kg)
Envelope Dimensions 26.56 L x 28.05 W x 20.98 H (inches) 0.675 L x 0.713 W x 0.533 H (meters)
Noise Output <72 dBC @ 3.3 feet (1 meter)
Seawater Supply to Heat Exchanger 2.5 GPM (9.5 LPM) Minimum 4 GPM (15.2 LPM) Maximum
Ambient Air Temperature 32F – 140F (0C – 60C)

Seakeeper Warranty

To ensure peace of mind, all Seakeeper products come
with a multi-year factory warranty.

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