Seakeeper: It’s the Standard

More and more of you are asking boat builders for Seakeeper by name, so first of all, thank you! It was an uphill battle when we launched Seakeeper in 2008. Builders were reluctant, thinking you, their owners didn’t need stabilization, but that’s all changed, thanks to you.

Now, boat builders are redesigning parts of their hull to more easily install Seakeeper at the factory or as a refit. There are more boats available with Seakeeper options than we want to list here (so we did that on another, searchable page: check it out).  But we haven’t stopped at making the options lists.

Stabilization is rapidly becoming a must-have for many boaters, and builders have taken notice. So much so, that many are making their models, or their entire lines, Seakeeper Standard. Here’s a list of some of the builders you’ll find have taken the leap to make their customers as comfortable as possible by making all or some of their boats Seakeeper Standard:

If you’re in the market for a new, Seakeeper-equipped boat, this list is a great place to start! These builders have created thoughtful places for their Seakeeper installations and would be happy to tell you more about their beautiful boats!

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