The 5 W’s Of Your Standard Warranty

We stand behind every one of our products. That’s why we can offer a comprehensive warranty for every Seakeeper that leaves the factory.

All products come with a 2-year/2,000-hour complete system warranty.

WHO qualifies for the standard warranty?

All Seakeeper owners (whether you buy your boat new or refit Seakeeper to your existing boat) qualify for service under warranty if the Seakeeper has been registered and it’s still within its time/hour limits.

Not the first owner? No problem! Warranties are transferrable with proof of ownership and a completed warranty registration form (this is the same form you’d fill out as a new owner to register your unit, explained below).

WHAT is covered under my standard warranty?

Everything purchased from and supplied by Seakeeper as part of the system scope of supply is covered under your standard warranty. This might change depending on which Seakeeper unit you have. The best way to find out what’s covered is to ask your Seakeeper Dealer, or you can find more detailed information about your coverage in our full standard warranty policies.

WHEN does my warranty expire?

Your standard warranty expires when you either reach 2 years or 2,000 hours on your unit – whichever comes first.


The 2-year timeframe starts at the customer’s date of possession, which we call the in-service date.


Your Seakeeper’s Sea Hours, which calculate the total amount of time the Seakeeper is stabilizing, or when the brake is “unlocked,” are used to determine warranty coverage. Run hours calculate the total amount of time the Seakeeper is turned on. If the Seakeeper is spooling up, or spooled up but not yet stabilizing the vessel, Run Hours are being added to the unit, not Sea Hours. By tapping the information icon (the “i” in a circle) on the Seakeeper 5-inch display, you can view the Seakeeper’s “Run Hours” and “Sea Hours.”

Not sure where you are within your warranty coverage? Just enter your Seakeeper model and serial number, which can be found within the display, into our Warranty Status Checker.

Need more time or coverage? That’s why we offer Extended Warranty options, so you’re covered when you need it. Options include:

WHERE do I have warranty work performed?

Our global network of Dealers don’t just install Seakeepers – they care for them too! Whether it’s regular annual maintenance or you’re experiencing an issue, you can find a Dealer nearest you. Your Dealer will be able to check your registration status, submit warranty claims on your behalf, and complete your service work.

WHY do I need to register my Seakeeper?

Registering your Seakeeper is the only way to take advantage of your standard warranty and have the option to purchase an extended warranty, which can give you added peace of mind for more time and hours than the standard warranty.

Also, did we mention by registering your Seakeeper you’ll get a free Owner’s Box sent straight to your front door! Aren’t you on the edge of your seat wondering what it could be?

Not registered yet? What are you waiting for?! Fill out your Warranty Registration Form. It only takes a few minutes!

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