Cool as a… Seakeeper?

When it comes to boat stabilizing gyroscopes, it’s often debated whether air-cooled gyros vs. seawater-cooled gyros are best. We’re going to break down the pros and cons of both (yes, even of ours!) so you can form your own opinion when you read about how stabilizers work.


Start first by reading our FAQ “Why Does Seakeeper’s Flywheel Spin in a Vacuum?” This gives detailed information on, well, why we spin our flywheel in a vacuum.

An excerpt from that article explains:

The bearings (friction) and motor (power) create heat inside Seakeeper’s sealed sphere. When you then enclose all of that heat, you have to find a way to remove it from the enclosure so the Seakeeper can operate without overheating. For gyros that don’t spin their flywheel in a vacuum, air friction working against the flywheel creates much of the heat that those units generate.

All gyros – no matter the brand – can overheat. That’s where air cooling vs. seawater cooling come into play.


Seawater cooling is needed when a gyroscope’s flywheel is spinning in a vacuum, as mentioned above.




Air cooling is possible when a gyroscope’s flywheel is not spinning in a vacuum. Heat is dissipated in the surrounding atmosphere and doesn’t have to be actively removed.




If you’ve been paying attention, we’re obviously team seawater-cooling. In fact, we use a glycol/seawater combination, through which we dissipate heat from inside the vacuum. Our cooling system is what took us years of R&D, and it’s one of our greatest inventions, which is why we patented it.

We’re confident in our choice to build seawater-cooled stabilizers because we know each Seakeeper is the smallest, lightest, and most efficient gyro stabilizer option available for your boat.

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