How to Care for Your Seakeeper

Every piece of equipment on a boat is going to need to be maintained properly to keep working its best, and Seakeeper is no different. Even though it does require a little TLC, it’s pretty minimal!

Fresh Water Rinse

The Seakeeper is designed for use in a marine environment and is designed to withstand occasional spray or splash from water, salt or fresh. However, prolonged exposure to seawater, primarily saltwater, can cause corrosion, premature wear, and damage to stabilizer components. Therefore, it is important to remove any salt deposits as soon as possible and ensure the Seakeeper is kept dry and well ventilated. A more detailed Service Bulletin on the freshwater rinse procedure can be found in the Technical Library.


Since most of the critical components operate in a sealed enclosure (see What Makes a Seakeeper, a Seakeeper), they’re protected from the corrosive moisture involved in life on the water. Outside of the sealed sphere, the closed-loop hydraulic circuit and the cooling circuit should be periodically inspected and serviced.

Here’s a breakdown of what your Seakeeper Dealer will do when you bring your boat in for its annual maintenance:

Or download the Recommended Maintenance Schedule

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