Seakeeper for Divers

We’re willing to bet every diver has some boat stories they could tell. There’s the diver glued to the horizon who’s losing his lunch between dives; the diver who steps on his own fins on his way in; the diver who gets knocked off the ladder; the loose gear sliding around the deck as water laps over the open stern of a dive boat. 

For dive operators and those who dive from personal vessels, Seakeeper can make your diving experience immensely better.


If you regularly dive from a boat, chances are you’ve experienced seasickness at some point or know someone who has. There’s no other way to say it, it sucks. Seakeeper can eliminate up to 95% of side-to-side boat roll, which is the leading factor in seasickness. We’ve heard from people who couldn’t go out on the water due to seasickness until they experienced and installed Seakeeper on their boats. When you eliminate boat roll, you eliminate medication, bands, and upset stomachs between dives.


Scuba divers may have the strongest sea legs on the ocean! It’s no easy feat to walk to the stern of the boat in fins, carrying a heavy tank on your back, while your vision is slightly obscured by the mask on your face. Every diver has seen more than a few people stumble, step on their own fins, trip on someone else’s protruding fins, or lean on the divemaster for support. Seakeeper makes this short, challenging journey that much easier by taking the movement of the boat out of the equation.


There’s something to be said about the added comfort Seakeeper provides for boaters and divers alike. From the person staying on board while others are diving, multiple people moving around the deck at the same time, or just trying to sit and enjoy a cold beverage post-dive, boating with Seakeeper is just more comfortable than boating without.

Diving is a passion sport that spans countries, continents, and cultures. Whether you’re a dive operator interested in improving the experience for your customers, or you dive from your personal vessel, Seakeeper can drastically improve your boating experience so you can get back to doing what you love. Contact us to talk about a refit! 

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